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Serving adults with special needs

JEMS Warm Beach Special Camp seeks to provide an opportunity for the developmentally challenged to experience a fun-filled time of activities in an atmosphere of Christian love. Camp activities include times of singing, Bible-based lessons, crafts, outings, and recreation.

Quality of care is ensured by the following factors: 

  • Each conferee is placed in a one-on-one relationship with an adult staff counselor.
  • Pre-camp orientation prepares our staff counselors for the individual needs of the conferees.
  • Three meals are prepared and served daily by the Warm Beach Conference staff.
  • Housing is in a mini-lodge with, at minimum, 2 staff persons in the conferees' rooms.
  • The Warm Beach Conference facilities are well-staffed and maintained, and is a trusted, safe environment for the conferees.

Qualifications to attend camp:
In order to be eligible for this camp, we ask that the individual:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • be functionally ambulatory
  • be able to do some or all self-care activities (assistance with bathing/dressing/eating will be available, but we are not equipped to do heavy care at this time)
  • be able to follow simple instructions (verbal and/or non-verbal)
  • be willing to abide by all camp rules